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First Newgrounds Audio Submission!

2010-05-19 18:20:31 by GundamFreakX

Wow! Never thought this day would come, but I have finally contributed to the Newgrounds community by uploading my first song. I'm super excited! It's nothing fancy, mind you, but it's a big fucking deal to me. All the time on Newgrounds I've spent hearing the great work in the Audio Portal, where I spend most of my time, actually, I always wanted to put something there that I felt was something from me, by me, and for everyone to hear and enjoy, hopefully.

So if anyone actually reads this post, and you probably will if you had clicked my name from the audio submission, please please PLEASE rate and review and let other people know about it. Oh, and let me know about some of the work you have posted. I love to listen to just about anything, and I always rate, and sometimes leave a good comment or two about the mix. A favor for a favor, right?

Well, I hope to follow up that mix with another one, so if anyone is actually interested, keep on a lookout for it. Each track name will have the initials "GFX" precede it. Enjoy the music!

Here's the link. Enjoy the music! /334093

- GundamFreakX (GFX)